i suppose i could write what everyone i know is asking – what the heck happened to june?  not to mention jan thru may!!  has life speeded up?  well, i’d say so.  and it’s really no mystery why, given ‘speed’ is all we talk about, ask for, think about.  and i don’t mean that stuff some are inclined to ‘do’!  everyone wants a faster computer, quicker/easier meals, faster/shorter commute, etc etc.  the list truly does go on forever.  each of us has our own.  and, the Universe can only give us what we ask for!  and believe in!

so, like those turtles on tv – i’m into slow. ^_^  at least in my ‘work’.  nothing fast about hand applique!  and that commissioned piece is coming along quite nicely.  since i can’t remember if i posted the picture of the first block – here it is (again?).

6-26-09I am now working my way thru the tulips – as opposed to tiptoeing. ^_^  right now there are only leaves, so not all that interesting.  perhaps tomorrow i can post it.  however, i have also done a little more beading.  added some fringe to the purple and green pin.  whadda ya think?

purple pin

so, that’s my progress for now.  kind of just tolerating (barely) this heat.  be happy when it passes.  hate being closed in and hot!

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