July 2009

ok, off to see the shrink, ta la, ta la. ^_^  but thought i’d just throw these pics on here to show what i did yesterday.  i set out to make one pair of red, white & blue earrings and this is what happened.  and i had to kind of force myself to stop!

rwb er only




count ’em – that’s 9!!!  yikes!  and, of course, i didn’t really stop there – got going on some necklaces and bracelets. my my

rwb collection




didn’t take a picture of all that i did, hmmmm  well, there are 2 more necklace/er sets and 3 bracelets.  i am going to be up to my ankles in jewelry if i don’t sell a bunch soon. ^_^

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just finished my yoga-type stretches.  what i can remember of what i used to do in ohio.  i had been ‘beading’ all day and at one point was looking thru the book i am using for guidance and inspiration  and finally saw where she said to take a break every 30 minutes.  oops! so it wasn’t my imagination how i feel after a long session ‘at it’! 

so, the purple pin is completely finished and ready to sell – if i just had some idea how much to ask for it!  certainly not according to the time spent!  and the gold one is close – it still needs a backing and will also probably get some dangles of some kind.  any comments?

purple pin      gold pinit really does take a long time to do this – at least for me.  i suppose i will get faster with practice and experience.  am now getting the urge to do one of those heavily beaded wallhangings. ^_^  who knows where this will take me!!

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just finished the first of the two new tiny patterns for the super simple wallhanging.  will post them both when finished.  am sewing them right into the sample wallhanging – the “fill in the blanks” pattern/kit.  this one goes in the upper right corner.  the other one is the smaller space on the left.  they will both be included in one kit.  so, here is the wallhanging.

beg wh


those spaces are just 5″ wide and 2 1/2 or 2″ high.  both designs are a (very short) vine.  the purpose of these two is to practice making skinny stems and bending them.  you can choose to use my method, or use a bias tape maker.  all of these super simple designs are learning tools and suitable for any (hand) method you choose.  just a place to practice and refine your skills before tackling the real project you’d love to do! 🙂  oh, and the one i just did is also a lesson in making perfectly round circles – small ones.  again, you can choose one of the new ‘cheater’ methods, or tough it out with needle turn as i did.  no, my circles are NOT perfectly round. ^_^

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well, i am home for a couple weeks before i head to petaluma for their one day outdoor show.  as a result – of both things – i am making more jewelry.  while there are quilts hung all over the city that day, so it is a quilt ‘show’ in that sense – the vendor mall is more officially a ‘craft fair’.  sooo, since my earrings remain invisible with the applique, i am going to devote at least one whole table to just jewelry, i think.  we shall see how it goes in terms of ‘production’ here!  so far today, i have strung the following 3 necklace’s and created earrings for 2.  i had already made a pair of er that will go with the 3rd necklace (once i remake them on silver headpins!).

lav-turq necki guess i am going to have to study up on how to properly use my wonderful camera!  having a lot of trouble with color and getting enough light, etc.  the turqoise shows, but the very dark purple just looks black.  none of the necklaces have a clasp yet, nor are the earrings complete – no hooks.


pale green neck



don’t know if you can even see this kind of pale green.  these beads look like marble.  those are the earrings that now must have silver hooks.

dark gold neck


these look ok, color-wise – mostly dark golds and a little brown.


of course, mr. pepe is currently sleeping on top of all of them.

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it is going to be very hot again today, ugh.  i must transfer everything from the van & garage to the rv and it will be well over 100 deg.  rats.  at least i am heading for slightly cooler climes – in eureka!

the talk in san mateo went very well and iris loved her wallhanging.  poor thing had to wait thru the entire meeting.  that guild still does as we used to do – the speaker is the very last thing on the agenda.  and they had a ton of show and tell’s on top of everything else.  ok for me – tough for iris. ^_^  so, here is the finished product and then i must just get to it here.  still not too hot right now.

7-10 finished

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it is that time of year again, when the deer are running out of young and tasty green things in their natural habitat.  and that means, into the yards and gardens to find food and water.  ok, so in a lot of cases – WE are in their “yards and gardens”!  not as much for us, as more than half of our 2 acres is still totally wild and untouched. 

so, they have been coming mostly at night so far.  the plums are dropping and they love those – i think they get both food and water with those as they are very very juicy!  however, the last couple of nights they have been munching on things in the mound garden, which worries me.  i have this volunteer baby dogwood coming up right in the middle of that garden.  it’s the perfect spot for it!  but – i seem to recall that deer really like those!  in fact, mine got planted inside a fenced area to protect it (the mother of the baby one, i think)  sooo, i will probably have to add an ugly tomato cage around it.  they have been nibbling on the ends of the ginko tree branches, that’s for sure.

so, there is one young buck right outside even as i type!  i got some pictures, using the fancy sport setting on my camera as he started to exit quickly earlier.  turns out, he didn’t go far!  he is just on the other side of that propane tank now.  when i first saw him earlier, he was on this side, but i didn’t think to take pictures then.  he moved a little away when he saw me looking at him, didn’t run – so i did get out the camera and took these shots.  ahhh, here he comes, creeping back up onto the path. ^_^  perhaps i’ll get another chance at closer pics.  he definitely knows i’m here.  keeping a wary eye toward the window.

deer again 1this is the young male i was talking about.  and i just went to the front to see if he had managed to get there without my seeing him.  and what did i find? FOUR of them!  munching on plums.  got some decent shots, i think.  will have to download to see.  will put one here if i did!

just one


all of the ones with 3 or 4 deer were just too dark.  but this lady took a long look before she hurried off.   when i went to look out the bedroom window to see if they were still closeby, i discovered a squirrel on a tiny tree very close.  and he came down and started pulling at the cotton strip i have that goes around the little tree he was on and then around that pine tree that gets bent over by the snow in the winter.  of course he left as soon as i got the camera!

ok, it is nearly 10 am and i have not done one item on my list.  at this rate i will never be ready to leave tomorrow, so  ttfn!  oh, don’t forget the show in eureka if you’re up that way!  it’s this coming weekend, at the fairgrounds.

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well, ever since i put that dark green/metallic gold overlay on the large yellow iris i have wondered.  so, have now replaced one of the ‘base’ pieces with the same fabric, only without the gold on it.  still not ‘sure’, so am leaving it this way and offering the option of either/or in the kit.  i will package with the darker one, but had already cut the lighter, so will just have them ‘on hand’.  here’s what i’m talking about.

ss yellow newi hope you can see the difference in those two pieces that the stems come out of.  the lower/right one is the darker fabric.  i believe it is the same one moda applied the gold to – to get the one i used for the overlay (the piece that frames & creates the circle).


i am nearly ‘out of time’ again.  so, now that the commission is complete, it’s time to concentrate on preparing for the trunk show in san mateo and the regular show in eureka.  i did finish the instructions for the beginners’ wallhanging and will print those today and cut the fabric that will be included.  the kits will be $8 and include the instructions and sashing fabric.  the individual blocks will be sold separately and over time.  there are currently 4 available, as kits at $5 each.  in case you missed it, here’s a picture of the wallhanging as it now exists – with lots of blank spaces!  actually, you could try your hand at simple designing and fill some of those spaces yourself! ^_^

beg wh



in fact, i will make sure i talk about that on the back sheet!  no need to wait for me! ^_^  or, you may already have a small pattern you could use.  could be fun.


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i have finally put together the wallhanging that will be the final product for all the small, super simple patterns.  there are just 4 patterns published at this point, so there are a lot of empty blocks.  truth is, i have no idea what’s going into them. ^_^  t’will be as big a surprise to me as to ya’ll.  what fun!

this pattern will actually be a kit as well, as are the other ones.  it will cost a little more, as there will be lots of instructions in addition to the fabric required for the sashing; probably $7 or $8.  so, for those of you who have bought those little kits and were wondering what to do with the finished block – now you have an option. 🙂

beg whmay not be exciting, but it’s fun. ^_^  will make its debut in eureka.

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6-26-09i think i posted the picture of the first block for the wallhanging that i’m doing as a commission.  not sure, so will post both of them now.

hmm, so that’s how you get a picture over there. ^_^  not what i intended, but works.  so, here is the next one. ok, not having much luck today getting things where i want them.  so i guess i’ll just quit.  all of my typing is going to go before the picture. grrr.  nothing i do allows me to type below that picture!!  so, i’m outta here.  got work to do! 

7-1-09hmmmm, no idea what i just did, but here i am where i want to be.  one of those days, i guess.  gremlins!!

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