well, ever since i put that dark green/metallic gold overlay on the large yellow iris i have wondered.  so, have now replaced one of the ‘base’ pieces with the same fabric, only without the gold on it.  still not ‘sure’, so am leaving it this way and offering the option of either/or in the kit.  i will package with the darker one, but had already cut the lighter, so will just have them ‘on hand’.  here’s what i’m talking about.

ss yellow newi hope you can see the difference in those two pieces that the stems come out of.  the lower/right one is the darker fabric.  i believe it is the same one moda applied the gold to – to get the one i used for the overlay (the piece that frames & creates the circle).


i am nearly ‘out of time’ again.  so, now that the commission is complete, it’s time to concentrate on preparing for the trunk show in san mateo and the regular show in eureka.  i did finish the instructions for the beginners’ wallhanging and will print those today and cut the fabric that will be included.  the kits will be $8 and include the instructions and sashing fabric.  the individual blocks will be sold separately and over time.  there are currently 4 available, as kits at $5 each.  in case you missed it, here’s a picture of the wallhanging as it now exists – with lots of blank spaces!  actually, you could try your hand at simple designing and fill some of those spaces yourself! ^_^

beg wh



in fact, i will make sure i talk about that on the back sheet!  no need to wait for me! ^_^  or, you may already have a small pattern you could use.  could be fun.


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