it is that time of year again, when the deer are running out of young and tasty green things in their natural habitat.  and that means, into the yards and gardens to find food and water.  ok, so in a lot of cases – WE are in their “yards and gardens”!  not as much for us, as more than half of our 2 acres is still totally wild and untouched. 

so, they have been coming mostly at night so far.  the plums are dropping and they love those – i think they get both food and water with those as they are very very juicy!  however, the last couple of nights they have been munching on things in the mound garden, which worries me.  i have this volunteer baby dogwood coming up right in the middle of that garden.  it’s the perfect spot for it!  but – i seem to recall that deer really like those!  in fact, mine got planted inside a fenced area to protect it (the mother of the baby one, i think)  sooo, i will probably have to add an ugly tomato cage around it.  they have been nibbling on the ends of the ginko tree branches, that’s for sure.

so, there is one young buck right outside even as i type!  i got some pictures, using the fancy sport setting on my camera as he started to exit quickly earlier.  turns out, he didn’t go far!  he is just on the other side of that propane tank now.  when i first saw him earlier, he was on this side, but i didn’t think to take pictures then.  he moved a little away when he saw me looking at him, didn’t run – so i did get out the camera and took these shots.  ahhh, here he comes, creeping back up onto the path. ^_^  perhaps i’ll get another chance at closer pics.  he definitely knows i’m here.  keeping a wary eye toward the window.

deer again 1this is the young male i was talking about.  and i just went to the front to see if he had managed to get there without my seeing him.  and what did i find? FOUR of them!  munching on plums.  got some decent shots, i think.  will have to download to see.  will put one here if i did!

just one


all of the ones with 3 or 4 deer were just too dark.  but this lady took a long look before she hurried off.   when i went to look out the bedroom window to see if they were still closeby, i discovered a squirrel on a tiny tree very close.  and he came down and started pulling at the cotton strip i have that goes around the little tree he was on and then around that pine tree that gets bent over by the snow in the winter.  of course he left as soon as i got the camera!

ok, it is nearly 10 am and i have not done one item on my list.  at this rate i will never be ready to leave tomorrow, so  ttfn!  oh, don’t forget the show in eureka if you’re up that way!  it’s this coming weekend, at the fairgrounds.

love and beauty