well, i am home for a couple weeks before i head to petaluma for their one day outdoor show.  as a result – of both things – i am making more jewelry.  while there are quilts hung all over the city that day, so it is a quilt ‘show’ in that sense – the vendor mall is more officially a ‘craft fair’.  sooo, since my earrings remain invisible with the applique, i am going to devote at least one whole table to just jewelry, i think.  we shall see how it goes in terms of ‘production’ here!  so far today, i have strung the following 3 necklace’s and created earrings for 2.  i had already made a pair of er that will go with the 3rd necklace (once i remake them on silver headpins!).

lav-turq necki guess i am going to have to study up on how to properly use my wonderful camera!  having a lot of trouble with color and getting enough light, etc.  the turqoise shows, but the very dark purple just looks black.  none of the necklaces have a clasp yet, nor are the earrings complete – no hooks.


pale green neck



don’t know if you can even see this kind of pale green.  these beads look like marble.  those are the earrings that now must have silver hooks.

dark gold neck


these look ok, color-wise – mostly dark golds and a little brown.


of course, mr. pepe is currently sleeping on top of all of them.

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