just finished the first of the two new tiny patterns for the super simple wallhanging.  will post them both when finished.  am sewing them right into the sample wallhanging – the “fill in the blanks” pattern/kit.  this one goes in the upper right corner.  the other one is the smaller space on the left.  they will both be included in one kit.  so, here is the wallhanging.

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those spaces are just 5″ wide and 2 1/2 or 2″ high.  both designs are a (very short) vine.  the purpose of these two is to practice making skinny stems and bending them.  you can choose to use my method, or use a bias tape maker.  all of these super simple designs are learning tools and suitable for any (hand) method you choose.  just a place to practice and refine your skills before tackling the real project you’d love to do! 🙂  oh, and the one i just did is also a lesson in making perfectly round circles – small ones.  again, you can choose one of the new ‘cheater’ methods, or tough it out with needle turn as i did.  no, my circles are NOT perfectly round. ^_^

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