just finished my yoga-type stretches.  what i can remember of what i used to do in ohio.  i had been ‘beading’ all day and at one point was looking thru the book i am using for guidance and inspiration  and finally saw where she said to take a break every 30 minutes.  oops! so it wasn’t my imagination how i feel after a long session ‘at it’! 

so, the purple pin is completely finished and ready to sell – if i just had some idea how much to ask for it!  certainly not according to the time spent!  and the gold one is close – it still needs a backing and will also probably get some dangles of some kind.  any comments?

purple pin      gold pinit really does take a long time to do this – at least for me.  i suppose i will get faster with practice and experience.  am now getting the urge to do one of those heavily beaded wallhangings. ^_^  who knows where this will take me!!

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