August 2009

that new purple pin, that is.  and this one will remain a brooch – unless the person buying it chooses otherwise.  it just looks like a brooch to me – plus, i don’t have the right beads to make a necklace for it.  still, i really do like it.  and i’m certain i can find enough beads to at least make matching earrings.

new purple pin




of course, all that lovely purple fabric will be gone once it’s finished!  and the outer edge may end up slightly different.  i never know what i’m going to do once i have the backing piece on – what kind of finished edge – or fringe – or???  for now, am thinking it won’t look much different.

love and beauty

i have also begun yet another pin.  it is an addictive process. ^_^  and one that could get me into trouble in the ‘bead stash’ category!  like this one – so far i don’t see that i have the right beads to create a necklace for it.  that will require either different thinking about what the necklace needs to look like – or – the purchasing of some additional beads. hmmmm  both sound interesting! ^_^

new purple pinor, like the first ‘purple’ pin, this could just be a pin.  and the owner could add her own necklace – perhaps a gold chain??   one option is for ‘you’ to use a longer chain and double it – with the looped ends together you then put the pin thru those and close it.  voila’   you have a pendant.  try it, it works. 

ok, not my own idea.  from a new jewelry making friend i met thru twitter who lives back east somewhere. ^_^  she was brainstorming with me about my own current predicament – not having the proper ‘adapter’ to convert the brooches to pendants.  something i am still working on and will go to home depot today to check out some opions, for. (terrible english, sorry) ^_^

having said that, i guess i should get off here and do something.  clothes in washer – will hang those before i shower!  sun good and bright/hot again today.  how the heck can it be only 75 deg and zero humidity ‘back home’ (in cincinnati, ohio) in late august????  that’s crazy.  should be 95 deg and 95% humidity!  global warming????

love and beauty

just to prove i have actually been doing something even tho i haven’t posted on here for several days. ^_^  here are the unfinished sets.  and it is my goal to at least get backings on both of the pins – at which point i know i will be adding some kind of ‘fringe’ – or something.  and i am still pondering exactly what to do about the ‘conversion’ from brooch to pendant.  i have a few of the combo-type findings and will probably use them for these 2.  am searching for alternatives. 

gold set    blue set

so, these will go onto Art Fire once they are ready – and will be $75 for the set – with the earrings included ‘free’.  if you happen to love one – just let me know, send a check or m.o. and they will be sent to you as soon as completed. ^_^  just in case. ho ho ho (i know, if i were ‘hip’ it would be LOL)

love and beauty

yes, it has been a while!  wish i could say i have been having a really great time as the reason.  truth is, i just kinda forgot.  been too busy stressing about money again.  what a drag!  but – this too shall pass! (again) ^_^

thought i’d post the picture of the latest pin – which, like the gold one, still needs a backing and back and whatever fringe etc to finish it off completely.  it is my intention to make them wearable as a pin or pendant.  my biggest problem is finding enough matching beads to make the ‘necklace’ on which to hang the pendant.  can’t exactly use those tiny #15’s for that! ^_^  and a long-ish double strand will take a good measure of beads.  will i have to sacrifice and purchase some??  could be!  dangerous territory – those bead shops! 🙂  so, here it is.

blue pini don’t think this one photographs so well – i like it better ‘in person’.  the problem with choosing the beads is it isn’t a true blue – a hint of turquoise.  the dots in the glass are light gold with peach centers.  so, we shall see what i can come up with.



love and beauty

sure wish i could say the trip was successful.  darn.  another show that hardly anyone attended.  not good for sales.  plus, way too many vendors!  guilds just don’t realize that while they might make money by having more vendors, the vendors won’t make money and won’t return.  and will spread the word to warn others!  i mean, 14 vendors!  may not sound like so many, but if the attendance last year was in the 300 range – well, let’s just say this: the ideal ratio is ONE vendor per every 100 people in the door.  do the math – that = just 3!!  ok, so seldom does that rule apply.  still, the max for that show should remain at 6.  i was not the only unhappy camper!

and so, onward and upward, i say.  i remain optimistic about the jewelry, despite appearances.  i just need to give it more presence in the booth and to keep doing it till folks get it!!  so, i will come up with a new way to display it at the next show – in walla walla.  and, in this time at home, will create more.  more of those encrusted pins!  have a cabachon glued down and ready to go – will see what i can accomplish today.  also planning to do some cleaning with the intention of creating some space!!  and not just in the physical sense! ^_^

love and beauty

today is the day – i leave to spend the night at ruth’s and we set up for the outdoor show in the morning.  soooo, come on down! or over, or up! ^_^  the weather is going to be perfect – cool!  it will be wonderful to walk around and view all the lovely quilts hung all over town.  and – visit the craft faire and farmers’ market in walnut park!  i mean, doesn’t get much better than that! ^_^  show is 11 – 5.  park is located at petaluma blvd and D st.  lots of lovely trees – and restrooms!

i look forward to seeing you there!  will have lots of jewelry and some fabric – in addition to my usual wares (applique patterns and kits).  so, stop buy, say hi and check it all out.  offering half-yards at $3 or 5 for $12!!  all from my stash.

love and beauty

ok, nobody leaves till i find out who stole july!!!  yikes!  guess that’s what happens when you start working away and sometimes forget to  come up for air! ^_^  so, here are some of the things i will be taking to petaluma – the very latest that are not quite finished – need clasps.

lav neckolive neckred necklacestars b





ok, that’s enough of that! ^_^  you will just have to come to petaluma to see it all.

love and beauty