sure wish i could say the trip was successful.  darn.  another show that hardly anyone attended.  not good for sales.  plus, way too many vendors!  guilds just don’t realize that while they might make money by having more vendors, the vendors won’t make money and won’t return.  and will spread the word to warn others!  i mean, 14 vendors!  may not sound like so many, but if the attendance last year was in the 300 range – well, let’s just say this: the ideal ratio is ONE vendor per every 100 people in the door.  do the math – that = just 3!!  ok, so seldom does that rule apply.  still, the max for that show should remain at 6.  i was not the only unhappy camper!

and so, onward and upward, i say.  i remain optimistic about the jewelry, despite appearances.  i just need to give it more presence in the booth and to keep doing it till folks get it!!  so, i will come up with a new way to display it at the next show – in walla walla.  and, in this time at home, will create more.  more of those encrusted pins!  have a cabachon glued down and ready to go – will see what i can accomplish today.  also planning to do some cleaning with the intention of creating some space!!  and not just in the physical sense! ^_^

love and beauty