just to prove i have actually been doing something even tho i haven’t posted on here for several days. ^_^  here are the unfinished sets.  and it is my goal to at least get backings on both of the pins – at which point i know i will be adding some kind of ‘fringe’ – or something.  and i am still pondering exactly what to do about the ‘conversion’ from brooch to pendant.  i have a few of the combo-type findings and will probably use them for these 2.  am searching for alternatives. 

gold set    blue set

so, these will go onto Art Fire once they are ready – and will be $75 for the set – with the earrings included ‘free’.  if you happen to love one – just let me know, send a check or m.o. and they will be sent to you as soon as completed. ^_^  just in case. ho ho ho (i know, if i were ‘hip’ it would be LOL)

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