i have also begun yet another pin.  it is an addictive process. ^_^  and one that could get me into trouble in the ‘bead stash’ category!  like this one – so far i don’t see that i have the right beads to create a necklace for it.  that will require either different thinking about what the necklace needs to look like – or – the purchasing of some additional beads. hmmmm  both sound interesting! ^_^

new purple pinor, like the first ‘purple’ pin, this could just be a pin.  and the owner could add her own necklace – perhaps a gold chain??   one option is for ‘you’ to use a longer chain and double it – with the looped ends together you then put the pin thru those and close it.  voila’   you have a pendant.  try it, it works. 

ok, not my own idea.  from a new jewelry making friend i met thru twitter who lives back east somewhere. ^_^  she was brainstorming with me about my own current predicament – not having the proper ‘adapter’ to convert the brooches to pendants.  something i am still working on and will go to home depot today to check out some opions, for. (terrible english, sorry) ^_^

having said that, i guess i should get off here and do something.  clothes in washer – will hang those before i shower!  sun good and bright/hot again today.  how the heck can it be only 75 deg and zero humidity ‘back home’ (in cincinnati, ohio) in late august????  that’s crazy.  should be 95 deg and 95% humidity!  global warming????

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