September 2009

did a long shot and it worked out!  so, i will be in plymouth this weekend and will (i say) make enough to save the old rv! ^_^  life is good!  more than one vendor this past weekend asked me if i was going and kind of indicated there might still be room for me.  as it turns out, i was able to get a half booth – what the heck, i deal with that in houston!!!  no reason i can’t make it work here! ^_^

so, come on down! or up! or over! ^_^  there’s also a big wine festival in the area, so you can really have a good time!  and here are some really silly pins i am going to be selling.  making them for the big witch show in sac mid oct, but will take them this weekend.

punkin   ghost

now aren’t those just too stupid silly! ^_^

love and beauty

i have traveled many a mile since last we spoke, i think.  given my feeble memory, i think i haven’t posted since before i left  for walla walla – so that means many many miles! 

just returned from the show in danville, which,  i’m sorry to say was not great for me.  did fine yesterday, kind of died today.  not good.  so, the saga continues with regard to the rv and can i manage to hang onto it until i pull myself out of this slump.  stay tuned.

now it’s time to start making jewelry for the big craft show in sac in a few weeks.  and i also must do some prep for piqf as there are a few things i am out of!  sooo, going to have to keep the nose to the grindstone during these next few weeks. 

and on top of all of that – i’m a year older today!  well, it actually happened yesterday.  where did those 70 years go???? ^_^

oh, did have a very lovely visit with a highschool classmate whom i hadn’t really seen for over 50 years!  he and his wife graciously housed and fed me and helped me celebrate last night.  how nice!!

love and beauty

here’s the latest pin i just posted on artfire.  also put the pink one on yesterday.  oops, just remembered – i meant to make matching earrings before i posted.  dang.  hate it when that happens. ^_^

turq pin





and that’s about all the news for today.  just one week before i head up to walla walla for the next show.  oh how i pray it’s a good one.

here is what i just posted on artfire – a full set!  it’s a pin that can be worn as a pendant and the necklace and  matching earrings are included.  i also include the adapter that allows you to convert the pin to a pendant – my own design.

blue set      blue pin



one down and 3 to go – pins or sets in process, that is.  having a really good time with this. ^_^  however, next week i must get my act together in the other part of the business!  get ready for walla walla!

love and beauty

here is the purple pin as it is in final form and i am about to post it on art fire.  wish me luck!! ^_^  cupboards getting bare!  (name in art fire also jrixman)

purple pin




sometimes even i like what i do, and this is one of those times.  sure hope it appeals to someone else as well!  i won’t  be providing a necklace with this one, but as i mentioned last time – easy enough to make your own conversion with an extra long chain.  just double it and put the pin thru the two loops and close it.

love and beauty