did a long shot and it worked out!  so, i will be in plymouth this weekend and will (i say) make enough to save the old rv! ^_^  life is good!  more than one vendor this past weekend asked me if i was going and kind of indicated there might still be room for me.  as it turns out, i was able to get a half booth – what the heck, i deal with that in houston!!!  no reason i can’t make it work here! ^_^

so, come on down! or up! or over! ^_^  there’s also a big wine festival in the area, so you can really have a good time!  and here are some really silly pins i am going to be selling.  making them for the big witch show in sac mid oct, but will take them this weekend.

punkin   ghost

now aren’t those just too stupid silly! ^_^

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