October 2009

the show year is over and the rv is gone.  and it has been an interesting year.  i am ok.  doing what i need to in order to remain positive.  trusting the Universe to take care of me and knowing that life always and only gets better – despite appearances!  will use the ‘extra’ funds to get everything as current as possible and hope i can handle the final payoff arrangement.  otherwise, it’s bankruptcy time for me.  ugh.  oh what the heck – just one of those things i’ve never done and used to consider the ultimate shame.  just another life lesson. it’s all an illusion anyway! ^_^

so, stay tuned for what’s new.  this is creation time – new designs for applique and who knows what in beads.  definitely more pins to be made as i have two places to send them to be sold on consignment.  one in sisters and the other at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles!  yea!

love and beauty    www.artfullyapplique.com

well, that was definitely a better show than all the rest i’ve had recently!  and the hugs!!  wow!  great therapy! ^_^

so, now, it’s time to prepare for the next one- and i really do have some kits to cut!  sold a few mini’s that i must mail this week, besides some others i’d like to replenish before i head over to murphys.   also have some financial matters to which i must attend.  need to prepare and protect myself for when they come and take the rv away.  boo hoo.  have decided i just need to let it go.  money better spent keeping the homestead afloat!!    i’m working  my way thru it – i think i’ve overcome the shame of it (since i’m confessing outloud here!).  now it’s just a lot of details that must get handled – like credit card processors, etc.  may not be able to do cc at the next show.    then again, it may all go as quickly and easily as the last go round!  and truth is – this too shall pass!!  all is and remains well.

so, if you couldn’t get to santa clara to give me a hug – come on out to murphys next weekend – if it doesn’t rain!!

love and beauty    www.artfullyapplique.com

just a short update.  man, am i sick of bad shows!!!  other than that – please come and give me a hug at piqf!!



hi again!  been gone a while from here.  didn’t want to just keep putting ‘bad’ news out, so did the ‘no news is good news’ approach. ^_^

i’m still here.  that’s the good news.  made it past the big #70 and lived to tell the tale. ^_^  and am now preparing for my first true ‘craft’ show where i’m taking only the jewelry.  it’s an outdoor, big event in sacto (so i sound like a native ^_^) at cal expo.  called  witchapalooza!  200-300 vendors.  it’s planned as a ‘family outing’.  don’t know what to expect – first time for the show.  promoters saying 15-20k visiters.  we shall see.  am doing with my (new) friend, ron, who is also a jeweler.  he does sterling and turquoise.  talked him into coming out of ‘show retirement’ to do it.  it’s just sat and sun, but long hours.  goes till 8 pm.  for me, it’s all about cashflow at the moment!  and, if it turns out to be a good show – always good to be in the first year.  even if it isn’t what they are promising – if i can see that it shows promise – i’ll do again next year.  while we must use the EZup, rest of setup won’t be bad.  not taking any quilting stuff.  so, only tables required.  we won’t put the jewelry out till the morning of.  however, we are required to decorate the booth in halloween attire – as well as oursevles.  colette from ‘sew many quilts’ in tracey sent me a witch’s hat to wear!  yea!  other than that, i’ll just wear basic black. oh, and let my hair down!  that’s enough in itself!  instant witch!! ^_^

so, here are the silly pins i made just for this show.

halloween pins




and if this doesn’t make you smile, nothing will! no, not the pins, the picture below! forgot to position it, so can’t type anymore after it.  so

love and beauty!    www.artfullyapplique.comaaron 10-1-09