hi again!  been gone a while from here.  didn’t want to just keep putting ‘bad’ news out, so did the ‘no news is good news’ approach. ^_^

i’m still here.  that’s the good news.  made it past the big #70 and lived to tell the tale. ^_^  and am now preparing for my first true ‘craft’ show where i’m taking only the jewelry.  it’s an outdoor, big event in sacto (so i sound like a native ^_^) at cal expo.  called  witchapalooza!  200-300 vendors.  it’s planned as a ‘family outing’.  don’t know what to expect – first time for the show.  promoters saying 15-20k visiters.  we shall see.  am doing with my (new) friend, ron, who is also a jeweler.  he does sterling and turquoise.  talked him into coming out of ‘show retirement’ to do it.  it’s just sat and sun, but long hours.  goes till 8 pm.  for me, it’s all about cashflow at the moment!  and, if it turns out to be a good show – always good to be in the first year.  even if it isn’t what they are promising – if i can see that it shows promise – i’ll do again next year.  while we must use the EZup, rest of setup won’t be bad.  not taking any quilting stuff.  so, only tables required.  we won’t put the jewelry out till the morning of.  however, we are required to decorate the booth in halloween attire – as well as oursevles.  colette from ‘sew many quilts’ in tracey sent me a witch’s hat to wear!  yea!  other than that, i’ll just wear basic black. oh, and let my hair down!  that’s enough in itself!  instant witch!! ^_^

so, here are the silly pins i made just for this show.

halloween pins




and if this doesn’t make you smile, nothing will! no, not the pins, the picture below! forgot to position it, so can’t type anymore after it.  so

love and beauty!    www.artfullyapplique.comaaron 10-1-09