the show year is over and the rv is gone.  and it has been an interesting year.  i am ok.  doing what i need to in order to remain positive.  trusting the Universe to take care of me and knowing that life always and only gets better – despite appearances!  will use the ‘extra’ funds to get everything as current as possible and hope i can handle the final payoff arrangement.  otherwise, it’s bankruptcy time for me.  ugh.  oh what the heck – just one of those things i’ve never done and used to consider the ultimate shame.  just another life lesson. it’s all an illusion anyway! ^_^

so, stay tuned for what’s new.  this is creation time – new designs for applique and who knows what in beads.  definitely more pins to be made as i have two places to send them to be sold on consignment.  one in sisters and the other at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles!  yea!

love and beauty