November 2009

a few weeks ago i got back some samples that had been in my local quilt shop.  i have decided i am going to sell them.  i will be sending out an email from the webpage to offer them and if they don’t sell that way – am going to try them on ebay.   going to offer them at $25, or best offer.  i would normally charge $100 to do one of these blocks on commission.  if you would like to receive the notification and didn’t receive the first newsletter i sent – please send me your email address at

other than that, and cutting kits in great numbers ^_^, not much happening in the applique world right now.  did draft a design for putting the nearly nouveau samples together in a quilt.  the urge seems to be gathering strength, so it’s a good bet i will actually do it.  also being nudged by the super simple wall hanging – time to fill a couple more spaces!  and it’s time to do a mate for the lily of  the valley and #17 of the ancient art series.  needless to say i am not lacking for items on my to do list!

and then, there are the pins – which i seem unable to stop doing!!  so here is the latest – obviously only the front finished.  this one may have some fringe or dangles added. ???





love and beauty

who stole this week?  i mean, seriously, how did it get to  be saturday again??  i now have living proof that time flies when you are having fun!! ^_^

sure hope your thanksgiving was good and filled with some of your favorite foods – mine sure was.  and so much for watching calories. ^_^  i mean, how does one choose just one kind of pie???  which was only the grand finale to about 5 hours of nearly non-stop eating!

no word yet from the shop in sisters, oregon.  must admit i was hoping for a plea for more!  as in, she sold all the pins and wanted more right now! ^_^  i just finished the second of 2 new ones.  only problem, i decided to try them on ebay.  looking like rather large mistake at the moment.  i mean, how in the world would anyone even find them??  only with blind luck, it seems!!  and i just went in to attempt to change the ‘name’ – hah!  can’t.  and to add a ‘subtitle’ would cost me an additional 70 cents!  thanks, but no thanks!!  i’m certain there are tricks of the trade one uses to be properly ‘placed’ – have enough to do, don’t wanna spend time researching, etc.  wait out the 7 days and then put them elsewhere. 

for one thing – it’s nearly end of month and that means i must come up with something semi-interesting to put in a newsletter!  and figure out what the ‘special of the month’ will be.  just whose idea was all this anyway???

before i leave ya’ll, here’s the two pins that are on ebay.

love and beauty

haven’t posted for awhile – been just adjusting to being at home ‘full time’ and working on pins and thinking about what’s next in the applique world.  it’s that time when i must create some new designs and need to have them ready by mid-jan when i head for tucson.  one good thing tho – we didn’t do that show last year, so i’ll have a good bit ‘new’ for them anyway.  looks like the first one might be a crocus, in the simpler flowers series – to kinda pair with the lily of the valley so i can hang them properly.

i am also considering the big project of making all the nearly nouveau blocks into a quilt.  will only do that if i can get carla to quilt it.  won’t be an easy job, but she kinda likes a challenge – i think. ^_^

i’m also trying to figure out a way to hang the blocks that is as convenient to hang as those long ‘boards’, but easier to transport!  oh, and i really need a #18 for the ancient art series – so #17 has a mate and can be hung properly!  have you noticed how there’s never a shortage of possibilities??  (what some might call ‘things to do’) ^_^

so, here’s a picture of the latest pin “front”.  sent 5 to sisters, oregon to be in a shop on consignment.  sue is very excited about them, saying no one else in town has anything like them, etc.  soooo, am hoping they will sell (quickly).  was making the next ones to sent to the san jose museum, but my ‘buddy’ there is leaving so not sure if i will until a new person takes over and i know they are ‘wanted’. ???  ok, here’s the picture, really ^_^





oops, sounds like erv might be here – to add the missing walls to the lovely fridge house. (big dog barking)  gotta go.

love and beauty

maybe you are ready to see your favorite football team and watch the games when you choose??  go to  to see how very affordable that is!

i have wheels again, yea!  while it wasn’t exactly a hardship, given there was always a car available here – it is still good to have my own again.  total parts was just about $1000 – my my.  still, i am grateful to have found a way to pay for them!  and to have only that to pay – as in, no labor costs.  not to mention really friendly costs on the parts.  i think i would have had to just shoot the poor thing otherwise.

now, must get busy creating new stuff in order to replenish the till!!  looks like classes will be picking up, that helps.  will be doing the jacket in drytown, probably in february.  and the applique class for the  guild in pine grove – maybe april.  all good.  keep me in mind if you are in a guild – for classes and trunk show.

now, i guess i’d best go unload the van before it begins to rain.  no sense hauling all that extra weight around town.  course, it may never actually rain.  one minute it looks like it could begin ‘right now’ and then, like now – sky seems to be getting lighter again.  it’s all those pokey things sticking up that mess up the weather around here. ^_^  (mountains, that is)

love and beauty

just in case you are one of those folks who hasn’t yet converted to satellite tv and have really been wanting to – here are a couple of links that offer decent deals that might just make it worth it.

other than that, not much to report today.  the first newsletter went out and then i sent out the ‘explanation’ since the first one contained no identifying info.  now that i’ve started it, must begin planning for something nicer in december!  something ‘worth reading’ , so to speak!  now that could be a real challenge!! ^_^  the link below will get you to the webpage and thus, the ‘special of the month.

love, and beauty

what a fiasco!  and a great lesson for me!  don’t do what you don’t know how to do when it involves other people!!  i sent out the first email and i sent it thru the webpage – so, i thought, it would automatically include my information – like the page name, at least.  NOT!

  i also ended up sending it to all 300+ names even tho i thought i was sending a kind of ‘test’ edition.  seems there was an important box i didn’t check.  so the process tied up my computer for hours – and i had no idea how many had been sent when i finally had to shut it down – it had already taken itself off line anyway.

this stupid computer just did it again.  took me offline in the middle of composing this post.  i am not going to try to remember what the heck i wrote before.  i really do understand those videos about people throwing computers out the window!!

now i do remember the important part of what i had written!  what was in the newsletter!  nothing all that exciting – mostly just to let folks i was going to doing one each month.  and to let them know about the big changes in the shipping costs.  also, what the special for the month is – for nov.  it’s 11% off the total order.  plus, if you mention the newsletter, using the comment section, i will include a free ($8) pattern – just let me know which one (in the comment).

it was about here, when i went to get the picture of the latest pin, that i lost connection.  well, it’s when i found out.  so, here is a picture – just to lighten this post a little. ^_^

purplepine 11-6now, isn’t that better than all the words i was going to write about the travails of sending an email thru my webpage?!! ^_^  and there were a lot – of both (travails and words!)




Let the beauty you love be what you do.  Rumi

love and beauty

well, life is certainly interesting, to say the least.  i got it all together on monday – van packed, product organized and added what i needed.  got the big old trunk in (with help from tom) and the quilts reorganized and neatly folded and in the van.  all is well.

i got up at 4:30 and got out of here within 10 minutes of my target time.  traffic was not too  bad, only stopped once this side of sac.  however, van doing it’s (bad) thing again – couple times the ka-thunk was nearly teeth jarring.  not good.  had to stop for gas and as i pulled away from the stop sign after refueling, there was a truly teeth-jarring/van rattling klunk, followed by another similar, but less jarring one.  and then – it did not want to shift!  at all!  dang!!  managed to get it to shift and managed to get to the senior center in fairfield.  called tom.  who was at home sick! (sounded awful, and my news didn’t improve his condition!)  had pulled into a parking spot that was a handicap spot.  when i tried to back out i found i had no reverse – was just like being in neutral.  called tom again to see if there was any way i could ‘coax’ it into reverse.  not.  i found someone to give me a little push (it was downhill, so not too bad) and pulled into a legal spot.  tom called back – confirmed reverse gear ‘broken’ and i still had to do plan A.  and that was to drive from fairfield directly to his workplace in jackson.  however, best not to take the shorter way – too much stop and go.  ugh.

so, managed to get everything out and into the building and setup with plenty of time to spare.  talk went well – did not even mention the stupid car.  had a nice lunch, sold some stuff and then – time to haul it all back out and pack it in – and start the lovely drive. 

yes, got pushed out again and i was on my way.  plan included – just go as far as you can and then we’ll decide what to do next – as in who calls the wrecker and how we get it towed to where we want and not just the ‘closest possible’.  i figured out how to make it shift when it didn’t want to.  decided to try letting up a little, as if i were going to manually shift (having done that for many many years before this vehicle!!)  it worked.  and i made it all the way to the shop in jackson.  even beat tom there – who had to come pick me up, of course. 

so, today, sick and not happy (i’m sure) – poor tom is at work tearing down my car to see just how many (expensive!) parts i will need.  and all i can say is – thank you God for the money i made yesterday so i can at least pay for the parts!!!

i also just discovered how to do a discount on the webpage!!  yea!!  so, i will be able to offer one as a special, if i choose.  now i just have to figure out what i want to put in the first newsletter – would like for it to be something you find worth reading!!  and it will include some kind of special on the page – just not sure what yet.  stay tuned! ^_^

love and beauty

just wanted to let you know that i will be sending out the first newsletter as early this month as possible.  perhaps by end of the week.  want to give you lots of time to take advantage of whatever the special is – perhaps as a gift.  it is that time of year again. ^_^

today, however, my main goal is to get myself ready to be onstage tomorrow.  must find a way to condense the product stuff, and choose which samples to hang, etc.  and then there’s the big old heavy trunk to haul to the van.  plus, make sure all the quilts are in the right order.  they tend to remain however they ended up after the last one – currently been wrapped and piled on the piano bench in the corner of the living room area in the ‘big house’.  they have been kind enough to ignore.    then, it’s ‘whatever’ (working on another beaded pin) and to bed early so i can arrive in time to get it all hauled in and set up.  why do guilds meet in the mornings??  ^_^

love and beauty

it has been quite a ride, this year!  seems i keep getting to near the end of a year and find myself saying i’ll be glad when it’s over and i can start fresh. hmmm something wrong with this picture!!  so, here i am in the exact place i worked so hard to avoid getting into last year this time.  guess i should have just said ‘uncle’ then and saved myself a lot of stress!!  yes, the rv is gone.  and so it goes.  onward and upward, i say.

i just spent what seemed like ages working to update the webpage – have finally realized that using only priority mail made it really pricey if you only wanted to order one pattern!  so, now you can do that and it’s free shipping.  and one kit will be just $1.20.  The most i’ll charge before going to the priority because of volume, is $2.50.  Priority is now $4.80, and that happens if you order 10 patterns.  what took so long was trying to convert things from ounces to pounds (as in, parts thereof).  and wouldn’t cha know, once i had it all done, while looking for something else – i discovered i could have changed it all to ounces and saved myself a lot of math!  dang!  will probably do that – another day.  i now know why folks who work on computers all day are reluctant to even  check email in the evenings at home!!

i am also planning to create a newsletter of some kind and offer a special of  each month.  no, won’t clutter your email box – will only happen max once each month.  not sure what the specials will look like.  some folks offer recipes – that doesn’t seem to be me,  given i never cook anymore!  mine will probably have to do with numbers or colors that signify what is ‘on sale’.  or new items?  there used to be a ‘sale’ column on the home page.  i figured out how to get rid of it, sort of – but have no idea what i did or how to undo it now.  that would require a search for a notebook – or an attempt to get thru to customer support and having them figure out what the heck i was asking for.  ^_^  does anyone else have that problem??

so, let me be at least on of the first to say – happy holidays!  and now the craziness begins! ^_^

oh, if you want to get the newsletter, let me know.  also – if you don’t!! (just in case you are on some list i have)  and, i will be in fairfield on tues – doing my trunk show for that guild.  early morning gig!!! ugh!! ^_^  means i leave here o’dark forty!!  to avoid too much traffic.  keep smilin’!!

love and beauty