it has been quite a ride, this year!  seems i keep getting to near the end of a year and find myself saying i’ll be glad when it’s over and i can start fresh. hmmm something wrong with this picture!!  so, here i am in the exact place i worked so hard to avoid getting into last year this time.  guess i should have just said ‘uncle’ then and saved myself a lot of stress!!  yes, the rv is gone.  and so it goes.  onward and upward, i say.

i just spent what seemed like ages working to update the webpage – have finally realized that using only priority mail made it really pricey if you only wanted to order one pattern!  so, now you can do that and it’s free shipping.  and one kit will be just $1.20.  The most i’ll charge before going to the priority because of volume, is $2.50.  Priority is now $4.80, and that happens if you order 10 patterns.  what took so long was trying to convert things from ounces to pounds (as in, parts thereof).  and wouldn’t cha know, once i had it all done, while looking for something else – i discovered i could have changed it all to ounces and saved myself a lot of math!  dang!  will probably do that – another day.  i now know why folks who work on computers all day are reluctant to even  check email in the evenings at home!!

i am also planning to create a newsletter of some kind and offer a special of  each month.  no, won’t clutter your email box – will only happen max once each month.  not sure what the specials will look like.  some folks offer recipes – that doesn’t seem to be me,  given i never cook anymore!  mine will probably have to do with numbers or colors that signify what is ‘on sale’.  or new items?  there used to be a ‘sale’ column on the home page.  i figured out how to get rid of it, sort of – but have no idea what i did or how to undo it now.  that would require a search for a notebook – or an attempt to get thru to customer support and having them figure out what the heck i was asking for.  ^_^  does anyone else have that problem??

so, let me be at least on of the first to say – happy holidays!  and now the craziness begins! ^_^

oh, if you want to get the newsletter, let me know.  also – if you don’t!! (just in case you are on some list i have)  and, i will be in fairfield on tues – doing my trunk show for that guild.  early morning gig!!! ugh!! ^_^  means i leave here o’dark forty!!  to avoid too much traffic.  keep smilin’!!

love and beauty