just wanted to let you know that i will be sending out the first newsletter as early this month as possible.  perhaps by end of the week.  want to give you lots of time to take advantage of whatever the special is – perhaps as a gift.  it is that time of year again. ^_^

today, however, my main goal is to get myself ready to be onstage tomorrow.  must find a way to condense the product stuff, and choose which samples to hang, etc.  and then there’s the big old heavy trunk to haul to the van.  plus, make sure all the quilts are in the right order.  they tend to remain however they ended up after the last one – currently been wrapped and piled on the piano bench in the corner of the living room area in the ‘big house’.  they have been kind enough to ignore.    then, it’s ‘whatever’ (working on another beaded pin) and to bed early so i can arrive in time to get it all hauled in and set up.  why do guilds meet in the mornings??  ^_^

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