well, life is certainly interesting, to say the least.  i got it all together on monday – van packed, product organized and added what i needed.  got the big old trunk in (with help from tom) and the quilts reorganized and neatly folded and in the van.  all is well.

i got up at 4:30 and got out of here within 10 minutes of my target time.  traffic was not too  bad, only stopped once this side of sac.  however, van doing it’s (bad) thing again – couple times the ka-thunk was nearly teeth jarring.  not good.  had to stop for gas and as i pulled away from the stop sign after refueling, there was a truly teeth-jarring/van rattling klunk, followed by another similar, but less jarring one.  and then – it did not want to shift!  at all!  dang!!  managed to get it to shift and managed to get to the senior center in fairfield.  called tom.  who was at home sick! (sounded awful, and my news didn’t improve his condition!)  had pulled into a parking spot that was a handicap spot.  when i tried to back out i found i had no reverse – was just like being in neutral.  called tom again to see if there was any way i could ‘coax’ it into reverse.  not.  i found someone to give me a little push (it was downhill, so not too bad) and pulled into a legal spot.  tom called back – confirmed reverse gear ‘broken’ and i still had to do plan A.  and that was to drive from fairfield directly to his workplace in jackson.  however, best not to take the shorter way – too much stop and go.  ugh.

so, managed to get everything out and into the building and setup with plenty of time to spare.  talk went well – did not even mention the stupid car.  had a nice lunch, sold some stuff and then – time to haul it all back out and pack it in – and start the lovely drive. 

yes, got pushed out again and i was on my way.  plan included – just go as far as you can and then we’ll decide what to do next – as in who calls the wrecker and how we get it towed to where we want and not just the ‘closest possible’.  i figured out how to make it shift when it didn’t want to.  decided to try letting up a little, as if i were going to manually shift (having done that for many many years before this vehicle!!)  it worked.  and i made it all the way to the shop in jackson.  even beat tom there – who had to come pick me up, of course. 

so, today, sick and not happy (i’m sure) – poor tom is at work tearing down my car to see just how many (expensive!) parts i will need.  and all i can say is – thank you God for the money i made yesterday so i can at least pay for the parts!!!

i also just discovered how to do a discount on the webpage!!  yea!!  so, i will be able to offer one as a special, if i choose.  now i just have to figure out what i want to put in the first newsletter – would like for it to be something you find worth reading!!  and it will include some kind of special on the page – just not sure what yet.  stay tuned! ^_^

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