what a fiasco!  and a great lesson for me!  don’t do what you don’t know how to do when it involves other people!!  i sent out the first email and i sent it thru the webpage – so, i thought, it would automatically include my information – like the page name, at least.  NOT!

  i also ended up sending it to all 300+ names even tho i thought i was sending a kind of ‘test’ edition.  seems there was an important box i didn’t check.  so the process tied up my computer for hours – and i had no idea how many had been sent when i finally had to shut it down – it had already taken itself off line anyway.

this stupid computer just did it again.  took me offline in the middle of composing this post.  i am not going to try to remember what the heck i wrote before.  i really do understand those videos about people throwing computers out the window!!

now i do remember the important part of what i had written!  what was in the newsletter!  nothing all that exciting – mostly just to let folks i was going to doing one each month.  and to let them know about the big changes in the shipping costs.  also, what the special for the month is – for nov.  it’s 11% off the total order.  plus, if you mention the newsletter, using the comment section, i will include a free ($8) pattern – just let me know which one (in the comment).

it was about here, when i went to get the picture of the latest pin, that i lost connection.  well, it’s when i found out.  so, here is a picture – just to lighten this post a little. ^_^

purplepine 11-6now, isn’t that better than all the words i was going to write about the travails of sending an email thru my webpage?!! ^_^  and there were a lot – of both (travails and words!)




Let the beauty you love be what you do.  Rumi

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