i have wheels again, yea!  while it wasn’t exactly a hardship, given there was always a car available here – it is still good to have my own again.  total parts was just about $1000 – my my.  still, i am grateful to have found a way to pay for them!  and to have only that to pay – as in, no labor costs.  not to mention really friendly costs on the parts.  i think i would have had to just shoot the poor thing otherwise.

now, must get busy creating new stuff in order to replenish the till!!  looks like classes will be picking up, that helps.  will be doing the jacket in drytown, probably in february.  and the applique class for the  guild in pine grove – maybe april.  all good.  keep me in mind if you are in a guild – for classes and trunk show.

now, i guess i’d best go unload the van before it begins to rain.  no sense hauling all that extra weight around town.  course, it may never actually rain.  one minute it looks like it could begin ‘right now’ and then, like now – sky seems to be getting lighter again.  it’s all those pokey things sticking up that mess up the weather around here. ^_^  (mountains, that is)

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