haven’t posted for awhile – been just adjusting to being at home ‘full time’ and working on pins and thinking about what’s next in the applique world.  it’s that time when i must create some new designs and need to have them ready by mid-jan when i head for tucson.  one good thing tho – we didn’t do that show last year, so i’ll have a good bit ‘new’ for them anyway.  looks like the first one might be a crocus, in the simpler flowers series – to kinda pair with the lily of the valley so i can hang them properly.

i am also considering the big project of making all the nearly nouveau blocks into a quilt.  will only do that if i can get carla to quilt it.  won’t be an easy job, but she kinda likes a challenge – i think. ^_^

i’m also trying to figure out a way to hang the blocks that is as convenient to hang as those long ‘boards’, but easier to transport!  oh, and i really need a #18 for the ancient art series – so #17 has a mate and can be hung properly!  have you noticed how there’s never a shortage of possibilities??  (what some might call ‘things to do’) ^_^

so, here’s a picture of the latest pin “front”.  sent 5 to sisters, oregon to be in a shop on consignment.  sue is very excited about them, saying no one else in town has anything like them, etc.  soooo, am hoping they will sell (quickly).  was making the next ones to sent to the san jose museum, but my ‘buddy’ there is leaving so not sure if i will until a new person takes over and i know they are ‘wanted’. ???  ok, here’s the picture, really ^_^





oops, sounds like erv might be here – to add the missing walls to the lovely fridge house. (big dog barking)  gotta go.

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