who stole this week?  i mean, seriously, how did it get to  be saturday again??  i now have living proof that time flies when you are having fun!! ^_^

sure hope your thanksgiving was good and filled with some of your favorite foods – mine sure was.  and so much for watching calories. ^_^  i mean, how does one choose just one kind of pie???  which was only the grand finale to about 5 hours of nearly non-stop eating!

no word yet from the shop in sisters, oregon.  must admit i was hoping for a plea for more!  as in, she sold all the pins and wanted more right now! ^_^  i just finished the second of 2 new ones.  only problem, i decided to try them on ebay.  looking like rather large mistake at the moment.  i mean, how in the world would anyone even find them??  only with blind luck, it seems!!  and i just went in to attempt to change the ‘name’ – hah!  can’t.  and to add a ‘subtitle’ would cost me an additional 70 cents!  thanks, but no thanks!!  i’m certain there are tricks of the trade one uses to be properly ‘placed’ – have enough to do, don’t wanna spend time researching, etc.  wait out the 7 days and then put them elsewhere. 

for one thing – it’s nearly end of month and that means i must come up with something semi-interesting to put in a newsletter!  and figure out what the ‘special of the month’ will be.  just whose idea was all this anyway???

before i leave ya’ll, here’s the two pins that are on ebay.

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