a few weeks ago i got back some samples that had been in my local quilt shop.  i have decided i am going to sell them.  i will be sending out an email from the webpage to offer them and if they don’t sell that way – am going to try them on ebay.   going to offer them at $25, or best offer.  i would normally charge $100 to do one of these blocks on commission.  if you would like to receive the notification and didn’t receive the first newsletter i sent – please send me your email address at jrixman@yahoo.com

other than that, and cutting kits in great numbers ^_^, not much happening in the applique world right now.  did draft a design for putting the nearly nouveau samples together in a quilt.  the urge seems to be gathering strength, so it’s a good bet i will actually do it.  also being nudged by the super simple wall hanging – time to fill a couple more spaces!  and it’s time to do a mate for the lily of  the valley and #17 of the ancient art series.  needless to say i am not lacking for items on my to do list!

and then, there are the pins – which i seem unable to stop doing!!  so here is the latest – obviously only the front finished.  this one may have some fringe or dangles added. ???





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