well, we thought we got a lot of snow last year.  hah!  a mere dusting compared with sunday/monday!  and it hasn’t gone away yet!  not sure exactly how many inches – at least 12 and perhaps 18?  and some ‘piles’ nearly 2 ft deep where it had fallen from a tree.  too bad not more fell!  it was wet and heavy and clung to every tiny twig and then created actual blankets that were at least 6″ thick.  need i say some trees didn’t handle it well?!  we didn’t lose any whole trees, just some branches – as did most everyone in placerville.  needless to say pg&e has been hard at it ever since.  we were restored yesterday, mid morning.  myra, this morning.  bobbie (in shingle springs, but out in the boonies) still not when we talked earlier today.  i use little electric heaters, so it got right chilly in here.  temp was low 20’s past two nights.

as i look out my big window, there is still snow in some trees, after two days of sunshine!  and the path – what a mess it is.  deep footprints that are frozen and very slippery.  and big bushes that broke off and are covering it in one area – which means a detour around, which is downhill.  slow going up and down the path for me!

today i finally turned on the nice hot shower and had already wet down my hair when i noticed i was standing in water about 1″ deep.  oops.  drain frozen.  so, i have ‘rinsed’ hair.  it didn’t thaw until just a few minutes ago – with little bathroom heater blowing toward it all day.  good to lose those luxuries every now and then – generates authentic gratitude!  and here’s the 2009 mr. snowman. ^_^

he’s a happy guy. ^_^  as is his friend, rachel.

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