just something interesting i realized this morning.   things are very not ok around here – in the financial realm.  once again, as we were just this time last year – in very real danger of being ‘homeless’.  so, i have been in the process of finding things to sell – to contribute to the cause as well as to be able to purchase some necessary items for myself (and critters – they do like to eat now and then).  so, i spent yesterday unpacking china and crystal.  things that have been sitting in my storage shed out back for going on 12 years now. (hard to believe i’ve been out here that long!)

for the past few years, when doing my ‘trunk show’, i have included words about my ‘interest’ in things japanese.  specifically i have repeatedly said “before now i have never had or been interested in anything remotely related – except for a pair of jade earrings”.  and then, yesterday, upon unpacking my beautiful (spode) china – what did i discover and finally realize this morning in my journal??  the pattern:  Geisha!  what does it look like?  pure white with light blue cherry blossoms around the edge. hmmm.  and then, i remembered something else very similar.  a lamp i made in ceramics (you know, where you go and clean up something that has been ‘poured’ and then you paint it to make it your own).  light blue with cherry blossoms done in ‘reverse’ – where i removed the blue paint to create the design.  i loved that lamp. (ex broke it.  another reason he’s an ex!^_^)

so, what does all this mean?  makes me wonder what subtle hints of what’s to come for me that perhaps i’m missing – here and now.  where is life taking me?  for sure, i am being forced to clear space – which is always a good thing!  free myself of a lot of past baggage and make room for more good to flow in.  and to more fully appreciate what i am, where i am and what i have.  and even more importantly – how much i love my family and appreciate living here with them.  i pray it will continue so.  and humbly ask for your prayers as well.

and, anyone interested in some really beautiful spode china?  or noritake.??  here’s a ‘rough’ picture of both.

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