and Happy New Year!  my absence has been not so much about being ‘busy’ (as in, holiday madness busy) as about ‘no news is good news’ or ‘if you can’t say something nice(or positive), don’t say anything at all’.  yep, once again, just once year later – we are facing the very real possibility of being ‘homeless’.  a fate i refuse to accept – so don’t even think about it.  the end.

as for quilting news – am preparing for my first show and the long drive to get there – tucson, az.  i am nearly finished with the sample for the latest design.  yes, just one so far.  haven’t been to tucson for 2 years, so will have other new things where they(you) are concerned.  bobbie (&woody) are also going, but i must return a day early, so will be driving the van and not riding with them.  no, not the rv – it is gone.  did lose it.  c’est la vie.  onward and upward!!!  anyway, will be posting the picture of the new design in the next couple of days – crocus.  used to love them back in ohio – first flowers of spring and often peeking up out of the snow!!

i will have a few new kits to offer – just finished doing 2 fused samples for the ginko and have one more to do.  also new colorway for #16 and #9.  and will have to do a new sample for the foxglove due to fabric being gone.  darn.

while we didn’t have a white Christmas, we did have a real snow storm here in dec.  power out for couple days, snow nearly up to my knees, etc.  wow!  yep, of course a snowman!  with some help from cutie rachel! ^_^

well, that was quite an ordeal – no, not building that funny guy – getting the stupid picture into this post!  i think it’s time to get to work!

love and beauty