i now have less than one week before i leave for tucson.  have finished most everything – except am really dragging my feet (actually fingers, i guess) with regard to that new  design.  not sure why.  it is now crunch time, sorta.  so will just sit myself down in that chair and ‘just do it’! 

i did come up with a new pair of geometric type designs so that kakuji #1 now has a sequal.  been bugging me. ^_^  only thing is, the name is a misnomer – kakuji translates to “square shaped Chinese characters” (according to the book i used).  i have never found another pair that i really liked.  the new ones are actually shapes used for crests called “Mountains”. (found in the new book ruth gave me) So, if you speak Japanese – i know i’ve used the wrong word.  sorry.  here’s how they look, and like the first set, both designs are included in one pattern. (that’ actually a really light blue, not white.  mountains and water. ^_^)

there are also kits available, both designs included for $16.  neither is on the webpage yet because my printer needs a new printhead and i must wait for it to arrive -( office max does not keep those in stock. grrr  bad news is, i installed all 4 at the same time last time, but only the magenta is showing as ‘failed’.  i ordered a black one also – just in case.  am hoping i can get thru everything i need for the trip – they are even more expensive than the ink! ) so i can print the pattern covers!  did get the kit covers printed. 

ok, guess i’d best get myself into the sewing chair – NOW!!

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