need i say it is wonderful to be back home – safe and sound!  long drive alone with some minor uncertainty about your vehicle.  all went well.  at least the driving part.  had a little trouble with the ‘lodging’ part.  ended up having to go to a different rv park from where friends were staying.  one of those ‘snooty’ places that wouldn’t allow me to stay because i wasn’t in a ‘full hookup’ rig.  well, la de dah.  found a place even easier to get to and from conv center.  however, made it too much trouble to do evening things – like dinner – with friends.  i was too dog tired to drive around town.  and it was as cold, wet and windy there as here.  nasty.  so, spent my evenings alone in the van – ok, not quite alone.  it’s just that sophie doesn’t talk much.  kinda like being with a husband, i guess??? ^_^  and, not a lot of room to move around.  but, warm enough and dry.

as for the show – not all that great.  just ‘ok’.  still, long way to go for what i made.  oh well – maybe next year.

but the class yesterday – well, that was great!!  record attendance for them!  and they all seemed well pleased at the end.  that is always good.  and a whole lot closer to home!  try 200 vs 2000 miles round trip!!

in case you missed the picture of the new design – here it is finished.  not an easy one, still nice, i think??

crocus cuties, available as pattern or kit.

love and beauty