February 2010

well, that was easy!  the easiest quilt i’ve ever made.  ok, not the applique part. ^_^  trimming those blocks was a little tedious and nerve-racking, but the assembly – a breeze!  it will take me longer to write the directions than it did to actually make it!!  however, i WILL do that today and will have the package ready to sell when i arrive in portland.  this is not a great photo – will have to find a way to display it so i can get a picture to use for the pattern cover!  will i ever have a real design wall???  not unless i’m able to enlarge this room!  all current wall space covered!!!

was going to stand on the washer to get a better angle, decided not to bother given the sunlight coming in would still make it ‘unuseable’ for a cover picture.  yes, i did say sunlight!!  yea!!  perhaps it will warm enough that i can do some work in the garage – reorganizing those tubs, etc. ^_^

for now – it’s breakfast (finally), shower and get started on those directions!!

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just a quick note to say – it has stopped raining and thus, i was able to bring those samples down.  and now – once i have posted this note – i will begin un-mounting them and trimming to size.  and then, begin cutting the pieces of green.  stay tuned! ^_^

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have just finished the new design for the Ancient Art series, so there are now 18 and that poor little #17 has a partner. (for display, that is)  This is a very easy design with only a few inside points.  They are in the stem and if rounded – no harm done!

you may notice it looks a little like the new mini.  that’s because i blew that one up and added a reverse image.  it will pair well with #9, perhaps??

and here is the other project of the day – this is only a computer generated ‘quilt’ – that is i used the images for the pattern covers and have placed them (using Word) as close to what my design plan is as possible.  now, i just have to work up the courage to unmount, trim and begin the sewing! ^_^  then, find a new quilter. 😦  carla has promised to recommend someone i will be happy with.  as with the original quilt using the Ancient Art designs, this will be a ‘package’ offering with all the patterns included.  will also do the instructions for the ‘sashing’ – which may take a bit of doing (the words, that is).

i’d be happy to hear any feedback on this.  hoping i chose the right ones and arranged them all so it looks relatively well balanced. ???

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ok, i won’t whine about it – i know we need it and i’m not ready for those long, hot, dry days anyway!  and i can now see white peaking out from that light green i saw on the plum trees last week!  yea!  and it’s looking just a tad brighter at the moment.  nothing but grey  above and on the horizen, so rain not stopping anytime soon.

i have begun a new sample – as in a new design.  will share as soon as it’s finished.  in the meantime – just thought i’d share this little bit of sunshine. ^_^

it you look really closely, they are just beginning to fade.  i cut these beauties before i left town and took them with me to brighten up my tight quarters.  you will also notice one of my two heroes in the background – little, tiny piglet. ^_^  and the picture of the horse – one of my ‘good’ memories – ben, a horse i (co)owned way back when in what i at the time considered a ‘happier’ time.  how things do change! ^_^  and, yet, without that change – you wouldn’t be reading this right now!  and i would not be called a ‘pattern designer’ and be doing all that comes with that ‘title’. ^_^

and on that note – happy stitching to all!  stay tuned for that new design. oh, in case you were wondering who the second hero is – Pooh, of course!! ^_^

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i am home, safe and sound and having rested in my own (real) bed last night. ^_^ 

as for the show – i declare it a big success!!  sales were better than expected (tho must admit i kinda don’t really ‘know’ what to expect these days!!), the fairgrounds ‘grounds’ were lovely and the facilities spotless and the water was hot (for showers).  sophie had a ball running free in the acres of grass!  and she did run!  can’t often get her to do that, so i know she was happy. ^_^  only small ‘glitch’ was the rain during takedown – got pretty well soaked in the process of loading the van – as did everything i loaded.  so, will have to unload today just to let those tubs get dried off.  plus, probably good not to leave the samples in there on top of the damp tubs (samples are in cardboard boxes).  the sun is shining here, but it’s still plenty chilly – so will definitely wait till late afternoon for that!

so, have errands to run today – the good kind, like taking money to the bank and having funds to comfortably go to the store for my ‘necessary’ items (cream for coffee and wine) ^_^  also, have an order to ship.  how divine! ^_^ 

not sure what will show up in the creative realm.  am thinking i may start a new pin??  or, do that #18 design i drew last week?  or both???  no games tonight, so will have the evening here alone – unless an ohio state game is on.  other than that, just want to say – Life is Good!! ^_^

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tomorrow is the day i head out for what feels like my first show.  somehow tucson doesn’t count – since i wasn’t ‘alone’ and didn’t even stay for the whole thing!  am dealing with the feelings about being back to sleeping in the van – i surely did get spoiled!  it’s not the sleeping part.  i’m perfectly comfy while doing that.  it’s the before and after – kinda ‘cramped quarters’, so to speak.  and having to walk some distance to restroom.  ok, end of whining for today!

van is repacked and essentially ready.  have a few things left down here – those little heart pincushion kits, some of the beginner’s patterns kits, a stack of books i’m selling – pre-owned but not ‘used’!!  taking only the newest ones for now.  and i plan to cut some additional half-yard pieces today.  sometimes that’s all i can sell – if no applique nuts there!  bargain prices – $3 each or 4 for $10!!  nothing wrong with it – i just over spent.  or, some i bought and have not found a use for.  ‘sharing’. ^_^

am also working on putting dividers in a rectangular basket.  have a couple of the collapsable ones i don’t use, so thought i’d try altering them rather than buying more of the divided ones i found at target (years ago, not sure i’d find more now!)  i’d also like to get the backs onto those last two pins.  sure can’t sell them if i don’t show them!

don’t have any ‘business’ pictures to share, so here’s another smile. ^_^

mom took him out to the street on this thing yesterday and he motored himself all the way to the end and back!  it’s 0.1 mile each way!!!  needless to say he was ‘done’ by the time they got back to the gravel driveway!  later, however, there he was – motorin’ around in the house while she cooked dinner!  i think he’s goin be a handful! ^_^

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ok, i know in a few months i’ll be moaning about the heat and lack of rain – but for now, i am lovin’ this sunshine!  and mid-60’s not bad either. ^_^  makes it much easier to do final prep for a show – not much fun in the rain!

so, not much else to say here – just thought i’d post this picture since i have mentioned it several times. 🙂

maybe 20 is enough???

and now i must begin cutting hearts for those pin cushion kits.  there is a nice lady who buys ‘red’ ones every time she finds me.  and i haven’t had any the last couple of times!  just in  case she shows up in turlock, want to be ready!  i think she is actually making a ‘quilt’ using these little 3″ ‘blocks’.  sure hope she sends me a picture some day.! ^_-

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well, that was quick and easy!!  actually finished the new mini in one day – from drawing to completed sample!  and i rather like it.  looks nice and springy. ^_^  speaking of which, just noticed there is green showing on the plum tree outside the big window here!  yea!  good on two counts – not only is spring arriving, the tree is still alive!  both of the plum trees appear to be quite old and only about half of each is still fully alive.  😦  so sad.

so, here’s the sample

i have also just enlarged it and flipped it to have a mirror image and plan to do as #18 for the full size designs.  love it when that happens. ^_^

and now it’s back to work for me.  happy stitiching!

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frustrated!  for the first time ever, i actually threw an ‘in process’ sample into the garbage!  so, at least for now – there will be no miniature version of the #1 ginko!!  i made two attempts – not happy with either.  i think the main problem is that i don’t have the right fabric for the main part of the leaf.  so – just filed it away for now.

 today, i will go ahead and draw the other design i was considering.  it is one that will look a lot like the mini hanabishi –  like a stylized crane.  i guess that one has always needed something to go with it. ^_^  and once it’s sewn, i will add the 4th row to the collection.

also had to think about how to offer them – for those who might want all 20.  i currently offer the first 15 in one package at about 20% off.  current plan is to offer these last 5 in one package AND if you purchase both collections to get all 20, you will end up getting 5 patterns ‘free’!!  not a bad deal, me thinks! ^_^  that is – the first 15 are $70.  if you also buy these 5 at $20, that’s $90 total – or the cost of 15 at full price.  if you only want the package of 5 – it will be $25. (normal price is $6 each)

so, come on down to turlock and check it all out this coming weekend! ^_^

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it’s always good to finish something!  this time it’s just a new color-way for the mini butterfly pattern.  have never been totally happy with either sample i did before.  like this one better.  first, i think you can more clearly see it’s a butterfly.  second, if you stretch your imagination even more – it also becomes a stylized flower.

the circles at the top are applique and the lower ones are beads – in case small circles just aren’t your thing. ^_^  wanted to show at least one other option.  you could also just embroider them.

ok, best get back to the next one here.  doing a reduced size of the original ginko – my very first pattern that started this whole thing!  once it’s finished, i will add another row to that collection of mini’s i hang in the booth.  yea!

love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique.com

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