hmmm, wish i could say i’m feeling ‘super’ today.  i think i’m just tired of the rain!  i know we need it, so won’t really complain, but given i didn’t even get sunshine in tucson . . . . well, what else can i say??

on a brighter note – spring is obviously beginning to nudge old man winter aside.  the early almond tree has buds already showing pink – may even have some blooms today – haven’t been out there to check.  and the dogwood buds are good and fat.  and, have you noticed the sun showing up just a tad  earlier these days – even with all those clouds!

as for me, trying ever so hard not to just fritter away these days before the next show (in turlock, ca) – gets tough some days!  just finished a drawing for a new mini – a really simple one.  guess i will choose fabrics and get started soon as i get off here.  my boys in green play today, so will be watching that.  and, yes, will definitely watch the big game.  sure hope those two great quarterbacks each have a fabulous game – so it’s as much fun to watch as the commercials! ^_^

also, finished (front only) another pin the other day and thought i’d just post it here so you have a picture to look at.

have fun today, no matter what you do!!

love and beauty