well, at least the superbowl wasn’t a disappointment.  while i am normally a peyton fan (but only after my hapless bengals), – this time just had to root for new orleans given all that city has been thru.  mostly, just happy it was a good and entertaining game to watch.  and one of those two guys had to make some ‘mistakes’ in order for a winner to show up.  ok, we could have had the final score dependant upon who scored last, i guess.

as for the BOYS!! in green – what in the devil does doc say in that locker room at halftime???  whatever it is, he needs to just stop!!  once again they forgot to showup in the 3rd quarter, blew their lead and ultimately lost. grrrr  however, the bruins finally broke their 10 game losing streak!!!  yea!

like ya’ll really care – sorry.  guess you came here to read about applique, not sports!  so, yes, i did begin that new mini.  it’s so easy i’m sure i could have finished it in one sitting if not interrupted by my sports addiction. ^_^  so, i will attend to that today and post the picture either tonight or first thing tomorrow – i promise.

as for the weather, today looks iffy – early on looking like some sunshine.  now, still just kinda grey overhead.  some hints of blue, but only hints!  no drops yet.  really do need a clearing so i can go to bobbie’s house and get all my stuff!!  can’t do the next show without it!!  and i’m sure there is some major reorganizing to  be done.  i told them not to worry about trying to put things in right tubs – i would sort it out. (i left the show in tucson a day early and they took down and packed everything – hers and mine!)

i have posted this picture before, but thought i’d just give anyone here a reason to smile again. ^_^

you really must be smiling now!! ^_^

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