i finished the new mini.  it is definitely ‘simple’ and easy.  there are some outside points and the center circle is kinda small, but that’s the worst of it.  course my sample didn’t turn out exactly perfectly – guess watching basketball while doing applique isn’t the best plan?? 

hmm, forgot to position the curser before i did the download.  a lucky accident the way it turned out. ^_^  anyway, this is one of those weird designs that has one center if you are putting it in a circle and a different one for centering within a square!  yes, i did remember to tell you that in the words!  and indicate both on the drawing.

there’s a rumor the sun may be shining here tomorrow.  oh how i do hope so!  will be going to retrieve all my wares from bobbie’s house if so.  it’s about time to get it together for the show in turlock!  setup is the 19th.  it’s at the fairgrounds, by the way. ^_^  stop by and say ‘howdy’.

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