for anyone who is still buried in snow or just plain freezing – do not despair!  Spring is really coming!  here is my proof!

no, this is not apple, peach or orange blossom.  it is an (early) almond.  you see, nuts really are fruits. ^_^  in the valley ‘orchards’, they plant alternating rows of early and ‘late’ – guess it makes it easier to harvest.    we have one of each.  i really don’t know how they are continuing to produce.  they are the tiniest, oldest, frailest of trees.  tiny as in very small diameter main trunk!  there was a peach tree here when we arrived that looked much the same.  it has long since given up!  produced about 6-8 peaches just one year – the sweetest, juiciest peaches i have ever eaten!  guess it was it’s ‘last gasp’, so to speak.  😦

have finally retrieved all my wares from bobbie’s house.  haven’t done anything else – like check the samples, etc.  am still working on a new sample for the mini butterfly.  would still like to create one more new mini so i can add another row to that ‘group’ sample i hang in the booth.  did bring the mini patterns tub down – that sample is ‘supposed’ to be in it – isn’t.  i told them not to fret about putting things in right places!   i suspect it’s in with the quilt, etc.  eventually will look into that.  sometimes i’m not as ‘productive’ as i could be.  a good sign i’m still ‘normal’, i guess! ^_^

oh, did find out there are showers at the turlock fairgrounds.  still not clear where – relative to the show building.  i figure i can just sort it out when i get there.  also sounded like a charge to use.  has to be less than a motel – or driving several miles to find an rv park!  the fairgrounds website listed $20 for rv parking.  show chair said $15 to hookup at the spaces close to the show building.  perhaps that’s the difference???  in case you missed it – the show is feb 20,21.  there are usually signs to lead you to fairgrounds from freeway.  in this case, from hwy 99.

love and beauty