frustrated!  for the first time ever, i actually threw an ‘in process’ sample into the garbage!  so, at least for now – there will be no miniature version of the #1 ginko!!  i made two attempts – not happy with either.  i think the main problem is that i don’t have the right fabric for the main part of the leaf.  so – just filed it away for now.

 today, i will go ahead and draw the other design i was considering.  it is one that will look a lot like the mini hanabishi –  like a stylized crane.  i guess that one has always needed something to go with it. ^_^  and once it’s sewn, i will add the 4th row to the collection.

also had to think about how to offer them – for those who might want all 20.  i currently offer the first 15 in one package at about 20% off.  current plan is to offer these last 5 in one package AND if you purchase both collections to get all 20, you will end up getting 5 patterns ‘free’!!  not a bad deal, me thinks! ^_^  that is – the first 15 are $70.  if you also buy these 5 at $20, that’s $90 total – or the cost of 15 at full price.  if you only want the package of 5 – it will be $25. (normal price is $6 each)

so, come on down to turlock and check it all out this coming weekend! ^_^

love and beauty