ok, i know in a few months i’ll be moaning about the heat and lack of rain – but for now, i am lovin’ this sunshine!  and mid-60’s not bad either. ^_^  makes it much easier to do final prep for a show – not much fun in the rain!

so, not much else to say here – just thought i’d post this picture since i have mentioned it several times. 🙂

maybe 20 is enough???

and now i must begin cutting hearts for those pin cushion kits.  there is a nice lady who buys ‘red’ ones every time she finds me.  and i haven’t had any the last couple of times!  just in  case she shows up in turlock, want to be ready!  i think she is actually making a ‘quilt’ using these little 3″ ‘blocks’.  sure hope she sends me a picture some day.! ^_-

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