tomorrow is the day i head out for what feels like my first show.  somehow tucson doesn’t count – since i wasn’t ‘alone’ and didn’t even stay for the whole thing!  am dealing with the feelings about being back to sleeping in the van – i surely did get spoiled!  it’s not the sleeping part.  i’m perfectly comfy while doing that.  it’s the before and after – kinda ‘cramped quarters’, so to speak.  and having to walk some distance to restroom.  ok, end of whining for today!

van is repacked and essentially ready.  have a few things left down here – those little heart pincushion kits, some of the beginner’s patterns kits, a stack of books i’m selling – pre-owned but not ‘used’!!  taking only the newest ones for now.  and i plan to cut some additional half-yard pieces today.  sometimes that’s all i can sell – if no applique nuts there!  bargain prices – $3 each or 4 for $10!!  nothing wrong with it – i just over spent.  or, some i bought and have not found a use for.  ‘sharing’. ^_^

am also working on putting dividers in a rectangular basket.  have a couple of the collapsable ones i don’t use, so thought i’d try altering them rather than buying more of the divided ones i found at target (years ago, not sure i’d find more now!)  i’d also like to get the backs onto those last two pins.  sure can’t sell them if i don’t show them!

don’t have any ‘business’ pictures to share, so here’s another smile. ^_^

mom took him out to the street on this thing yesterday and he motored himself all the way to the end and back!  it’s 0.1 mile each way!!!  needless to say he was ‘done’ by the time they got back to the gravel driveway!  later, however, there he was – motorin’ around in the house while she cooked dinner!  i think he’s goin be a handful! ^_^

love and beauty