i am home, safe and sound and having rested in my own (real) bed last night. ^_^ 

as for the show – i declare it a big success!!  sales were better than expected (tho must admit i kinda don’t really ‘know’ what to expect these days!!), the fairgrounds ‘grounds’ were lovely and the facilities spotless and the water was hot (for showers).  sophie had a ball running free in the acres of grass!  and she did run!  can’t often get her to do that, so i know she was happy. ^_^  only small ‘glitch’ was the rain during takedown – got pretty well soaked in the process of loading the van – as did everything i loaded.  so, will have to unload today just to let those tubs get dried off.  plus, probably good not to leave the samples in there on top of the damp tubs (samples are in cardboard boxes).  the sun is shining here, but it’s still plenty chilly – so will definitely wait till late afternoon for that!

so, have errands to run today – the good kind, like taking money to the bank and having funds to comfortably go to the store for my ‘necessary’ items (cream for coffee and wine) ^_^  also, have an order to ship.  how divine! ^_^ 

not sure what will show up in the creative realm.  am thinking i may start a new pin??  or, do that #18 design i drew last week?  or both???  no games tonight, so will have the evening here alone – unless an ohio state game is on.  other than that, just want to say – Life is Good!! ^_^

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