ok, i won’t whine about it – i know we need it and i’m not ready for those long, hot, dry days anyway!  and i can now see white peaking out from that light green i saw on the plum trees last week!  yea!  and it’s looking just a tad brighter at the moment.  nothing but grey  above and on the horizen, so rain not stopping anytime soon.

i have begun a new sample – as in a new design.  will share as soon as it’s finished.  in the meantime – just thought i’d share this little bit of sunshine. ^_^

it you look really closely, they are just beginning to fade.  i cut these beauties before i left town and took them with me to brighten up my tight quarters.  you will also notice one of my two heroes in the background – little, tiny piglet. ^_^  and the picture of the horse – one of my ‘good’ memories – ben, a horse i (co)owned way back when in what i at the time considered a ‘happier’ time.  how things do change! ^_^  and, yet, without that change – you wouldn’t be reading this right now!  and i would not be called a ‘pattern designer’ and be doing all that comes with that ‘title’. ^_^

and on that note – happy stitching to all!  stay tuned for that new design. oh, in case you were wondering who the second hero is – Pooh, of course!! ^_^

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