have just finished the new design for the Ancient Art series, so there are now 18 and that poor little #17 has a partner. (for display, that is)  This is a very easy design with only a few inside points.  They are in the stem and if rounded – no harm done!

you may notice it looks a little like the new mini.  that’s because i blew that one up and added a reverse image.  it will pair well with #9, perhaps??

and here is the other project of the day – this is only a computer generated ‘quilt’ – that is i used the images for the pattern covers and have placed them (using Word) as close to what my design plan is as possible.  now, i just have to work up the courage to unmount, trim and begin the sewing! ^_^  then, find a new quilter. 😦  carla has promised to recommend someone i will be happy with.  as with the original quilt using the Ancient Art designs, this will be a ‘package’ offering with all the patterns included.  will also do the instructions for the ‘sashing’ – which may take a bit of doing (the words, that is).

i’d be happy to hear any feedback on this.  hoping i chose the right ones and arranged them all so it looks relatively well balanced. ???

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