well, that was easy!  the easiest quilt i’ve ever made.  ok, not the applique part. ^_^  trimming those blocks was a little tedious and nerve-racking, but the assembly – a breeze!  it will take me longer to write the directions than it did to actually make it!!  however, i WILL do that today and will have the package ready to sell when i arrive in portland.  this is not a great photo – will have to find a way to display it so i can get a picture to use for the pattern cover!  will i ever have a real design wall???  not unless i’m able to enlarge this room!  all current wall space covered!!!

was going to stand on the washer to get a better angle, decided not to bother given the sunlight coming in would still make it ‘unuseable’ for a cover picture.  yes, i did say sunlight!!  yea!!  perhaps it will warm enough that i can do some work in the garage – reorganizing those tubs, etc. ^_^

for now – it’s breakfast (finally), shower and get started on those directions!!

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