March 2010

how could you not smile looking at them!?

no, he’s not walking on his own yet – certainly not because legs aren’t strong enough.  just hasn’t mastered the balance thing. 

and here’s a picture of the raised bed and the small cage where i just planted some flowers.  thought you might be tired of just words here. ^_^  these aren’t the greatest or most interesting pics, just better than words for a change.

you will notice i did not leave my hillbillyness in ohio.  ^_^  and i do plan to make use of those pots when i plant the remaining flowers.

only way i could think of to make sure those petunias have a fighting chance.  it’s enough to have to deal with the awful dirt – deer munching, impossible to survive!

ok, i’m off to shower so i can go buy a new cellphone and get rid of the pos one i now have!!

love and beauty

not all that warm yet, that’s good.  means it won’t get hot.  not ready for that.  am having one of those days – several things i could do and can’t seem to get myself going on any of them.  have myself trained to require a pressing deadline, i guess.  not good.

have just done a drawing and cut fabric for the next beginner kit/pattern.  it’s another reverse applique – a dragonfly.  not sure it’s going to be very easy – pieces are very tiny.  however, it is #6 in the series and i promised they would get tougher.  these are all meant to give you an opportunity to learn and practice before you tackle that real project.  so, i’ll let you know if  it turns out to be impossible to do! 😉  if so, i will modify and try again.

also have some flowers to plant.  plus, as i was looking at one of them i realized it might be a likely candidate for a new Nearly Nouveau design.  we shall see.  may get myself out there sitting in the dirt in a bit.  i have the perfect fabric for it already – which is a rare occurance!!  fate?? ^_^  the problem with the planting part – unless i put them within one of the fenced areas, they will just become deer food soon.  just about the time they are looking really wonderful – gone.  at least down to nubs!

checking my schedule for the year and notice i have nothing in august.  not good.  only one i know of is crescent city and that was so awful last year i swore i’d never go back!  maybe something new will show up.  there is the one day thing in petaluma – but even if i do that, won’t set up a regular booth.  way too much work for nearly zero sales.  will just set up a table or two and sell fabric and jewelry. (have a lot of that to unload!)

and that’s the exent of my ramblings for today = avoidance! 🙂

love and beauty

now that was a fun little outing!  got to see lots of folks i know at the show in sac.  looks like a quilt show – primarily quilt related vendors – just no quilts on display.  for me – lots of hugs! 🙂 always a good thing!  and then, a great dinner – even better!  not to mention – we had free tickets to get in, parking was free (as opposed to $10!!) and had a $3-off coupon for dinner.   what’s not to like?!! ^_^

today, it’s back to home depot to see if i can finally get that phone wire ordered.  still having some unstableness here, so would like to get it replaced before it fails completely.  also, the piece i bought to repair the toilet somehow never made it back into my cart. dang!  so, will go plead my case and see if they will ‘give’ me another.  getting tired of having to stand there and pull on that chain until the toilet bowl has emptied.  was regarding it as an opportunity to ‘pause’ from busyness in my day.  ready to let it go now. 🙂 oh, and will see if there is smaller diameter spline to use with the pet resistent screening.  what a major effort to get the other one into that groove!!  good thing i have strong wrists!  course now it’s too cold to open the stupid window.  geeeezzz ^_^

will reorganize stuff so i can take to sell tomorrow at tas meeting.  haven’t been for a few months, so perhaps folks are ready for me again. ^_^  and want to show off the new quilt.  and perhaps unload some of those books!  wonder if the library would want any of them???  hmmm (that’s where we meet – in auburn)  looks like it will be sunny today, so hoping it warms a bit.  always chilly up in garage area if temp under 60 deg.  it was barely 40 deg when i got up!!  poor little fig tree probably not happy now that it’s back outside.  altho, not much warmer in the bedroom where it was! ^_^

ok, time to get to it here.

love and beauty

taking a “busman’s holiday” today and heading down to a show in sac. with bobbie and woody.  will go to dinner with ray and clarice after strolling the show till it closes.  it’s one of those ‘promoter’ shows with no real quilt show, just vendors.  there will be several folks there i know – including holly from “quilters’ cove” in newport, oregon.  will be good to visit with everyone again. ^_^

not sure if the sun is going to win out today.  has been perfectly lovely lately with lots of sunshine and still mild temps.  it rained overnight, nice gentle spring rain.  a tad chillier now.  guess i didn’t need to turn on those drippers after all (yet).  planted a few petunias in the box out front.  will have to cover with wire cage cause when those deer return they will be hungry!  usually at least one nursing mom in need of extra sustenance!! ^_^

bought some pet resistent screening but wasn’t able to fix the kitchen screen because couldn’t find the tool.  had to wait for tom to get home and then dinner was ready and game started right after.  hopefully can get it fixed before i leave today.  had the bedroom window open for pepe last night, after i came back down (may have forgotten and left it open while gone, not sure when i opened it) and that dang nasty female cat had snuck in while we were out here watching tv!  poor pepe went in, to head out, and got ambushed in the bedroom! grrrr  quite a commotion with cats screeching and dog barking and me yelling! ^_^  she has to be the meanest cat i’ve ever known.  if i put a screen on that window, then pepe can’t get out during the night.    also means a lot of letting him in and out during the day.  hmmm is a puzzlement.

ok, best get to it here if i want to get anything done before i leave.

love and beauty

i find myself with nothing required – no deadline to meet, etc.  and no new design to finish.  so, will force myself to clean house.  well, it is spring, afterall.  and the hair and dust are approaching my ankles again.  oh, and poor sophie – she will also get shampoo’d today!  all that rain in portland and the sand on the beach – yukky dog! ^_^

concord show was good.  i don’t think i injured my new ‘partner’ in any way, so she has promised to join me at the next show as well.  that is good. ^_^  that will be in oakland in april.  will post details closer to the time.

once i have actually done the cleaning here i think i will begin doing the designs to complete the wallhanging for the beginner patterns.  have ideas for 2 of the 4 spaces.  will see.  stay tuned. ^_^

love and beauty

just finished packing up the van again.  lots more space this time!  will be spending tomorrow night in hotel and coming home sat. night.  so, neither my bed nor sophie’s taking up space!  i think i have enough of everything – restocked just a couple of things.  since coming home sat. night, not too worried.

trying something new at this show – will have a helper!!  tough giving up my ‘lone ranger with her faithful sidekick, sophie’ image!! ^_^  we shall see how it goes.  i am not the easiest person to deal with sometimes.  oh, not so you as customer would ever know – it’s those poor souls who attempt to actually help me!!!  we are having lunch tomorrow before setup – i will do my best to warn her!  brave soul, is she!

am sooooo enjoying this weather.  isn’t it just as you imagine heaven must be – the first lovely sunny yet mild days of spring!??  won’t be long before i’m complaining about the heat and lack of rain!

so, stop in and say hi if you are in the concord, ca area and up for a quilt show.  it’s usually a nice one.

love and beauty

have been there and back with no snow!!  a lot of rain, and a bit chilly – wet dog, wet stuff, wet feet etc.  still, good show and got to see some fellow vendors i haven’t seen for awhile!  that’s always good.  have missed being up north in oregon! 

the new ‘quilt’ seemed to help sell the floral (nearly nouveau) patterns.  next step – get it quilted so it’s easier to transport without worrying about wrinkles!!  setup took forever, what with all the new sample ‘setups’ and a 10 x 12 space and an outside wall!  it’s always something. ^_^

and now – must get ready to leave again on friday.  only to concord and will be returning home on sat. night – for rachel’s big #7!!  the official one, that is.  last week was the group birthday party for her and aaron and cousins, etc!  that was good as i was home.  this time, will only see her for short time before she heads off for bed!

yesterday was aaron’s #1!!  where has this year gone??  and don’t we all keep asking that??!!!    anyway – it was ‘shrink’ day for me – and then a long overdue visit with my brother.  so i didn’t rush back home since candace said nothing planned.  right now am attempting to get the binding on the little panel-type quilt that bobbie had given me last year for when he was first born!!!  it’s just something she had used to practice her machine quilting, so i wasn’t sure how it would be received.  still not.  but – am just doing it anyway.  probably won’t be complete by the time i head up later!  it’s the thought that counts – right?? ^_^  also have a little ‘Pooh” picture for his room – also ‘used’ (i’m a pooh fan) ^_^  trust me, he and rachel got so many gifts last week!!! 

ok, not exactly getting things done this way.

love and beauty

just checked the weather again and sounds much more promising!  am thinking plan ‘A’ is still an option.  keeping my fingers crossed at least.  and will still pack those chains!  either way, will be heading out of here in the wee hours wed. morning.  will not spend the night ‘over there’ tues.  if i must head to the coast, will do it wed. morning – perhaps at hwy. 20, to the clearlake area. 

other than that, am ready for tomorrow in fairfield.  hope it’s not pouring when i get there so hauling stuff in not a big hassle.  or, when i must bring it back out!  or, when i get home and have to unpack and repack. ^_^  is all that too much to ask??  looking less than promising right now!  just get it over with today! ^_^

one good thing from yesterday – those pieced patterns of mine are back out in the light of day.  roseanne, from the shop in drytown, has chosen to give them a try.  i no longer take them to shows as they remained invisible in the booth with all the applique.  they are still available on the webpage.  hmmm, just looked all over this computer for the picture of that design – the one carla did the fabulous quilting on.  oh well, i guess if you’re curious, you will use the link to the page to see it. ^_^  oops, just found it!

love and beauty

just checked the weather forecast – for oregon.  worst storm of the season (2 of them, actually) rolling in on tues/wed.  even the coastal route will not be snow-free according to current predictions.  great. 😦   that means a complete change in my travel plans – no way i’m going thru those mountains on i-5 in a snow storm.  i had just gotten comfortable with when to leave and where to stop, etc.  so i could do the thing in fairfield with no real stress added.  now???  probably will need to get over to hwy 101 on tues night – which means sleeping in my brother’s driveway as he won’t allow the dog inside.  plus, his house  just not set up for over night guest right now.  aaaaarrrrggggh!   just another opportunity to live in faith and trust.  onward and upward.  and sure hope that storm just does it all tuesday and all is calm on wed. (in oregon)!

love and beauty

what showed up in my journal this morning: 

Nothing has been ‘carved in stone’ – all is fluid & ever changing.  Yes, like smoke, or the cloud images in a summer sky.  OR, an illusion and no less ‘amazing’ than what a magician does – and no more Real.  This Universe is God’s magic show – Life IS magic!  My mind – as in, my access to Mind, my thoughts, are my magic wand.   

And, just like Mickey – I have wreaked much havoc for myself with my unconscious (or ego driven) use of the Power of my wand. 

However –

I can undo – bring calm back, return my life to its natural state of Peace, Joy, Love, Abundance, Beauty, by surrendering to God’s idea of who I am – letting God think my life – by listening for and TO “the still small voice” – which can often seem to come from ‘out there’  but, if I listen more closely, I realize I am led to the ‘out theres’ by the whisper ‘in here’ to “look there”, “read that”, “turn here” etc.  Now THAT is a habit worth developing!! ^_^