what showed up in my journal this morning: 

Nothing has been ‘carved in stone’ – all is fluid & ever changing.  Yes, like smoke, or the cloud images in a summer sky.  OR, an illusion and no less ‘amazing’ than what a magician does – and no more Real.  This Universe is God’s magic show – Life IS magic!  My mind – as in, my access to Mind, my thoughts, are my magic wand.   

And, just like Mickey – I have wreaked much havoc for myself with my unconscious (or ego driven) use of the Power of my wand. 

However –

I can undo – bring calm back, return my life to its natural state of Peace, Joy, Love, Abundance, Beauty, by surrendering to God’s idea of who I am – letting God think my life – by listening for and TO “the still small voice” – which can often seem to come from ‘out there’  but, if I listen more closely, I realize I am led to the ‘out theres’ by the whisper ‘in here’ to “look there”, “read that”, “turn here” etc.  Now THAT is a habit worth developing!! ^_^