just checked the weather forecast – for oregon.  worst storm of the season (2 of them, actually) rolling in on tues/wed.  even the coastal route will not be snow-free according to current predictions.  great. 😦   that means a complete change in my travel plans – no way i’m going thru those mountains on i-5 in a snow storm.  i had just gotten comfortable with when to leave and where to stop, etc.  so i could do the thing in fairfield with no real stress added.  now???  probably will need to get over to hwy 101 on tues night – which means sleeping in my brother’s driveway as he won’t allow the dog inside.  plus, his house  just not set up for over night guest right now.  aaaaarrrrggggh!   just another opportunity to live in faith and trust.  onward and upward.  and sure hope that storm just does it all tuesday and all is calm on wed. (in oregon)!

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