just checked the weather again and sounds much more promising!  am thinking plan ‘A’ is still an option.  keeping my fingers crossed at least.  and will still pack those chains!  either way, will be heading out of here in the wee hours wed. morning.  will not spend the night ‘over there’ tues.  if i must head to the coast, will do it wed. morning – perhaps at hwy. 20, to the clearlake area. 

other than that, am ready for tomorrow in fairfield.  hope it’s not pouring when i get there so hauling stuff in not a big hassle.  or, when i must bring it back out!  or, when i get home and have to unpack and repack. ^_^  is all that too much to ask??  looking less than promising right now!  just get it over with today! ^_^

one good thing from yesterday – those pieced patterns of mine are back out in the light of day.  roseanne, from the shop in drytown, has chosen to give them a try.  i no longer take them to shows as they remained invisible in the booth with all the applique.  they are still available on the webpage.  hmmm, just looked all over this computer for the picture of that design – the one carla did the fabulous quilting on.  oh well, i guess if you’re curious, you will use the link to the page to see it. ^_^  oops, just found it!

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