have been there and back with no snow!!  a lot of rain, and a bit chilly – wet dog, wet stuff, wet feet etc.  still, good show and got to see some fellow vendors i haven’t seen for awhile!  that’s always good.  have missed being up north in oregon! 

the new ‘quilt’ seemed to help sell the floral (nearly nouveau) patterns.  next step – get it quilted so it’s easier to transport without worrying about wrinkles!!  setup took forever, what with all the new sample ‘setups’ and a 10 x 12 space and an outside wall!  it’s always something. ^_^

and now – must get ready to leave again on friday.  only to concord and will be returning home on sat. night – for rachel’s big #7!!  the official one, that is.  last week was the group birthday party for her and aaron and cousins, etc!  that was good as i was home.  this time, will only see her for short time before she heads off for bed!

yesterday was aaron’s #1!!  where has this year gone??  and don’t we all keep asking that??!!!    anyway – it was ‘shrink’ day for me – and then a long overdue visit with my brother.  so i didn’t rush back home since candace said nothing planned.  right now am attempting to get the binding on the little panel-type quilt that bobbie had given me last year for when he was first born!!!  it’s just something she had used to practice her machine quilting, so i wasn’t sure how it would be received.  still not.  but – am just doing it anyway.  probably won’t be complete by the time i head up later!  it’s the thought that counts – right?? ^_^  also have a little ‘Pooh” picture for his room – also ‘used’ (i’m a pooh fan) ^_^  trust me, he and rachel got so many gifts last week!!! 

ok, not exactly getting things done this way.

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