just finished packing up the van again.  lots more space this time!  will be spending tomorrow night in hotel and coming home sat. night.  so, neither my bed nor sophie’s taking up space!  i think i have enough of everything – restocked just a couple of things.  since coming home sat. night, not too worried.

trying something new at this show – will have a helper!!  tough giving up my ‘lone ranger with her faithful sidekick, sophie’ image!! ^_^  we shall see how it goes.  i am not the easiest person to deal with sometimes.  oh, not so you as customer would ever know – it’s those poor souls who attempt to actually help me!!!  we are having lunch tomorrow before setup – i will do my best to warn her!  brave soul, is she!

am sooooo enjoying this weather.  isn’t it just as you imagine heaven must be – the first lovely sunny yet mild days of spring!??  won’t be long before i’m complaining about the heat and lack of rain!

so, stop in and say hi if you are in the concord, ca area and up for a quilt show.  it’s usually a nice one.

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