i find myself with nothing required – no deadline to meet, etc.  and no new design to finish.  so, will force myself to clean house.  well, it is spring, afterall.  and the hair and dust are approaching my ankles again.  oh, and poor sophie – she will also get shampoo’d today!  all that rain in portland and the sand on the beach – yukky dog! ^_^

concord show was good.  i don’t think i injured my new ‘partner’ in any way, so she has promised to join me at the next show as well.  that is good. ^_^  that will be in oakland in april.  will post details closer to the time.

once i have actually done the cleaning here i think i will begin doing the designs to complete the wallhanging for the beginner patterns.  have ideas for 2 of the 4 spaces.  will see.  stay tuned. ^_^

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