taking a “busman’s holiday” today and heading down to a show in sac. with bobbie and woody.  will go to dinner with ray and clarice after strolling the show till it closes.  it’s one of those ‘promoter’ shows with no real quilt show, just vendors.  there will be several folks there i know – including holly from “quilters’ cove” in newport, oregon.  will be good to visit with everyone again. ^_^

not sure if the sun is going to win out today.  has been perfectly lovely lately with lots of sunshine and still mild temps.  it rained overnight, nice gentle spring rain.  a tad chillier now.  guess i didn’t need to turn on those drippers after all (yet).  planted a few petunias in the box out front.  will have to cover with wire cage cause when those deer return they will be hungry!  usually at least one nursing mom in need of extra sustenance!! ^_^

bought some pet resistent screening but wasn’t able to fix the kitchen screen because couldn’t find the tool.  had to wait for tom to get home and then dinner was ready and game started right after.  hopefully can get it fixed before i leave today.  had the bedroom window open for pepe last night, after i came back down (may have forgotten and left it open while gone, not sure when i opened it) and that dang nasty female cat had snuck in while we were out here watching tv!  poor pepe went in, to head out, and got ambushed in the bedroom! grrrr  quite a commotion with cats screeching and dog barking and me yelling! ^_^  she has to be the meanest cat i’ve ever known.  if i put a screen on that window, then pepe can’t get out during the night.    also means a lot of letting him in and out during the day.  hmmm is a puzzlement.

ok, best get to it here if i want to get anything done before i leave.

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